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Design By Making-Design Brief

Design By Making
Design Brief
Learning Intentions
Through an exploration of quick paper models, students respond to a surprise construction task. The task
requires that students;
● Understand key Environmental Design features when making models & mock-ups
● Create a 3D prototype in response to visual stimulus
● Use construction materials appropriately and with care & consideration
● Work independently and creatively while problem-solving.
Students must show creative thinking and problem solving to re-create or adapt an existing architectural
model. During the Design Process students must show;
● Initial sketches of their designs to help clarify the 3D components of their design.
Developmental sketches, showing refinements of initial ideas in terms of scale, dimensions, and
extra features, and potentially construction considerations.
Development & Refinement sketches are annotated using sophisticated and articulate VCD
terminology and language, with a focus on Elements & Principles.
The use of materials & model making techniques show a high level of skill as a result of practise
and planning.
Scale and proportion are carefully considered.
Class time is used effectively and consistently and help is given to peers to ensure whole-class
success and learning.