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Lap Book (6 Nutrients) Instructions

I broke my class into 6 groups.
1. Carbs
2. Protein
3. Fat
4. Vitamins
5. Minerals
6. Water & Phytochemicals “super foods”
I gave them the following link and they had to read the chapter in the textbook and then
research using the bullet points. The bullet points were bare min I encouraged them to research
more and include vocabulary from the textbook.
I gave them 3- 45min class period and 2 half periods to make the lap book in class. My groups
were 3-4 people each and that seemed to keep everyone busy.
They were also required to make 1 page of notes and submit those to me prior to our gallery
walk. I copied a “packet” for each student but you could share them in a document digitally. We
used an entire 45min class period to do the gallery walk and could have used probably an
additional 15 min to really finish and discuss the lapbooks.
This is the grading rubric I’m using to grade them however I will modify it next year and add a
few sections and phrase the wording differently.
Hope this helps you all
Amanda Bullion