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Module 1:
Computer Arithmetic and Processor Basics
Functional units of a computer, Von Neumann and Harvard computer architectures. Processor
Architecture – General internal architecture, Address bus, Data bus, control bus. Register set – status
register, accumulator, program counter, stack pointer, general purpose registers. Processor
operation – instruction cycle, instruction fetch, instruction decode, instruction execute.
Module 2:
8051 Architecture
Microcontrollers and Embedded Processors. Architecture – Block diagram of 8051, Pin configuration,
Registers, Internal Memory, Timers, Port Structures, Interrupts. Assembly Language Programming Addressing Modes, Instruction set
Module 3:
Programming and Interfacing of 8051
Simple programming examples in assembly language.Addition,subtraction,multiplication and division
Interfacing LCD, display,Keyboard,stepper motor DAC and ADC with 8051
Module 4:
Open Source Embedded Development Boards
Introduction. ATmega2560 Microcontroller- Block-diagram and pin description. Arduino Mega 256
board -Introduction and pin description. Simple Applications - Solar Tracker, 4-Digit 7-Segment LED
Display, Tilt Sensor, Home Security Alarm System, Digital Thermometer, IoT applications.
Module 5:
ARM Based System
Introduction - ARM family, ARM 7 register architecture, ARM programmer's model. Raspberry pi 4
board - Introduction and brief description. Application -Portable Bluetooth speaker, Remotecontrolled car, Photo Booth, IoT weather station, Horne automation centre, Portable Digital eBook