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Blueprint Reading Test 1

Blueprint Reading
Mr Thomas
Section 1: Vocabulary For Machinists
Fill in the blank with the word from our Vocabulary For Machinists
_________: A hole that does not pass all the way through.
_________: A jagged edge of metal produced by working the metal. A common note on a
blueprint is to “remove all burrs”.
_________: A metal object formed by pouring molten metal into a mold.
_________: A tool for cutting threads in a hole drilled to a particular size for the threading
_________: Permissible variation from a given dimension; how far from the dimension is
Read the Micrometer and Write Your Answer. The micrometer is a 0” to 1” and reads to 0.001”
Read the Dial Calipers Below, and write the dimension indicated in the space next to the image.
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