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Interview Questionnare

Interview questionnaire for supervisory position ( filling, packing and
labeling) at ACME company.
1. Tell us about yourself
2. What are your values, goals and aspirations?
3. What do you consider your strength and weaknesses?
4. How do you respond to pressure?
5. What are your expectations from working it us.
6. Do you think you’re the best candidate for this job, why?
7. What you know about ACME company?
8. What is the largest number of employees you’ve ever supervised?
9. What are some of the challenges you encountered and how did you resolve it?
10. Are you a leader or a manager? Why?
11. What in your opinion is the best leadership or management style?
12. As a manager or supervisor, how would you deal with difficult employees?
13. As a manager how would you measure the effectiveness of communication with your
employees. What barriers do you think can affect communication and how would you
overcome it?
14. How do you suppose would be the best way to motivate employees?
15. What is your opinion about working with teams? What are some of the benefits
challenges involved in team work.
16. Tell. Us about a conflict situation you encountered and how you resolved it. Did y
achieve the outcome you expected, what would you have done differently?
17. What are the components of a good label.
18. In ACME’s line of business, accuracy is key. How would you ensure the accuracy of
labeled products.
19. How would you handling errors arising labelling, filling or packaging mistakes?
20. If you were in a position to hire someone for this job, what would you look out for.
21. What are your salary expectations?
22. Is something we didn’t ask you that you think will help us get to know more about you.
23. Do you have any questions for us