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Social Awareness

What I have learned from social awareness and empowerment for service
is that the aforementioned are tools for social skills development. It focuses on
people empowerment. It is an essential skill to improve because of civic
engagement which would cause us to by engaging in community planning,
thereby establishing the value of commitment among individuals, especially, to
the young people of the Republic.
Social awareness allows us to be empathetic with other people,
regardless of who they are, or where they originated. It improves our personal
skills as we come to respect individual differences, and understand diverse
backgrounds and cultures. Being socially involved for the good of the general
welfare not only poses immersion or assimilation of cultures, it also establishes
moral development, good citizenship, patriotism and nationalism. The spirit of
volunteerism inspires teamwork, respect, discipline, communication and
collaboration among community members.
Personally, the impact of learning all about social awareness and
empowerment of service to me is the value of Christian values-formation and
character building. This is the very reason why my word cloud is shaped like a
cross. It has mission to transform me into a loyalty-obeying, volunteerism-giving
and simplicity-living individual. As I grow, I learn to fit in the community as I come
to understand more of what is happening to the environment I am in. I have
learned how to be creative, to have good work ethics, and to be participative
in actual social activities. If I am to choose professional specialization, I guess it
will be related to being social works over entrepreneurship though the latter is
also important and is also connected. Aside from that, as I soar higher being
socially aware, I have also learned how to be humble because I have realized
that everything is not about me. I am not a selfish and self-centered person
anymore. I am an important part of a bigger world with a purposeful living.
If public servants, citizens and other entities have a good sense of social
awareness in their system, their public service will be top-notch. What if all of the
people of the Philippines could be frontiership-responding, self-sacrificing
individuals whose capability is at its maximum? The town relationship will
eventually improve as long as health, safety and valued service are upheld. This
will lead to an elevated quality of life. Imagine what social awareness can do to
empower people towards nation-building!