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Introduced Species1

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Introduced Species
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Your task is to research the impact of introduced species on native life. Your report should
include two plant and two animal species that have been introduced. A brief description of
the plant /animal, its habitat (indicate on the map of Australia where it is found), feeding
habit, breeding season and any other interesting fact. Also indicate where it came from,
was the introduction deliberate or accidental. Which native species did it affect? How can it
be controlled? What will be the effect (on its predator/prey) if it is now completely removed.
Your report must be hand written use proper headings and subheadings. Write in your
note book. Do not forget to include a bibliography of all your references.
A number of books are in the library some of which are
Current environmental issues
Alligator weed to donkey
Alpine regions
Australia's Introduced Animals and Plants
Endangered and introduced species
The illustrated Origin of species
European wasp to lantana
Also the following websites will assist you in completing your task.
Pennant Hills High School 2008
Mrs. Saligram