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How to travel and learn a new language

How to Travel and Learn a New Language
As a student, there is probably no greater joy than having some time away from studying to
go and explore the world. However, time like this can be brief and given only on the off
chance, meaning that you might have an evening or weekend free at short notice, and you
should probably spend that spare time revising. But there are ways that you can learn and
spend leisure time, such as traveling and learning a new language, simultaneously.
Benefits of learning Learning a new languageLanguage
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There are so many benefits of learning a new language. Not only does it look amazing on
your resume and your university applications, but it also helps you learn about another
culture. Learning one other language besides English is highly beneficial, and it can be great
to learn other, similar languages, such as Spanish and French. It can make future learning of
languages so much easier for you. You will also be able to communicate with more people,
which can be great for helping international students feel more comfortable, and will help
you when you go abroad.
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Benefits of traveling Traveling abroadAbroad
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For one thing, traveling gets you away from the stressful atmosphere of school or college.
Secondly, it’s a great learning experience. You can learn so much about a culture and its
customs by traveling to the country. It can also help you learn the language faster, as you will
be able to hear what native speakers sound like. It will also get you used to the sounds and
speed of their normal speaking habits. This will make your speech when learning the
language feel more organic, and it’s also a great chance to have conversations in the
language and improve your listening and reading skills too, as explained in this article by ef.
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It is no lie that traveling is expensive, especially for a student. There are many ways you can
cut costs on your travelling expenses – take a look at this article from the CashLady blog for
10 great suggestions. This can be a fantastic opportunity to travel the world; whether you’re
taking a gap year or you’re just making the most of your spring break, a travel period is what
you might need to get away from it all and is well worth the money you’ll be spending on it,
whether it’s close by or over the ocean.
Final thoughtsThoughts
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When thinking about taking time out of schooling to travel and widen your knowledge of
the world around you, many problems might pop into your head. You might worry that you
won’t have enough time to truly enjoy and immerse yourself in the culture or that your
money might dry up.
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In truth, there is no guarantee that you will ever feel you are able to fully immerse yourself in
a culture if you are merely visiting, but a small insight into another culture, especially that of
the language you are learning, can greatly aid your understanding and quality of your
learning. You can add to your knowledge without being hunched over books and have some
fun while doing it.