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Nidek Diode Laser System DC-3000

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Nidek Diode Laser System DC-3000
Compact and Reliable
The DC-3300's laser diode has a substantially longer life than Argon
or Krypton lasers. Since operational parts in the main console are
very few, NIDEK DC-3300 offers virtual
trouble-free performance as well as high durability and low operating
costs. The small size of the system makes it easy to move between
patient treatment areas as needed.
The Maximum Output Power: 2000mW
Unlike gas lasers or optical lasers that use a pulsed laser, the NIDEK
DC-3300 utilizes a laser diode and a true continuous wave (CW), to
achieve maximum output power of 2000mW
(endophotocoagulation delivery only) for various photocoagulation procedures.
A Full Range of Delivery Options
- Slit Lamp Delivery System
- Endophotocoagulation Delivery System
- Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Delivery System
- Transscleral Photocoagulation Delivery System
Low Power Consumption
Requires only a standard electrical outlet.
Air Cooling System
The DC-3300 system generates very little heat, eliminating the need
for a large cooling system. Operating noise and air exhaust are
Not Available
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