TAP503-0: Preparation for lasers topic

Episode 503: Preparation for lasers topic
It is likely that all pupils will have experienced laser technology in their homes or at school but
may well not familiar with the range of uses of lasers, their operation and safety.
Section TAP 504-2 gives details of the safety measures required.
Lasers form rather more of a 'tool' and so demonstration experiments are relatively few. However
some ideas and an explanation of the workings and other details of a laser are given.
ruby rod
(Diagram: resourcefulphysics.org)
Episode 504: How lasers work
Main aims
As regards post-16 examinations, the formal requirements laid down are modest, or non-existent,
so that the level of treatment here is not detailed.
Students will:
1. Outline the principles of operation of a laser.
2. State some uses of high and low energy lasers.
Prior knowledge
Students should know about the wave nature of light, including interference. They should also
know how light is emitted by electron transitions within atoms.