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Brochure-Moon wo panels

Berry, Mr.
Period 0
Travel to the Moon. We are just starting new
trips for vacationers to the Moon. Be among
the first to book your vacation.
You will be leaving from the Kennedy Space
Center in Cape Canaveral; the home of space
exploration for the past 50 years.
Your flight to the Moon will take eight days
from there onboard the Lunar Lander name
Armstrong I. Our qualified pilots and crew
will guide your adventure and land you on
the Moon and be welcomed to Crescent
Hope, the lunar resort.
You will experience the wonders on the moon
with the low gravity and controlled
environment. To keep your heart in shape,
daily exercises are
Once you arrive at Kennedy,
you will spend two weeks
doing extensive training for
your Moon vacation.
To get you airborne, you will be taking flight
in the newest space shuttle called Mercury.
From there you will meet up with the
International Space Station. There, you will
spend three days to prepare you for the final
journey to the Moon. During this space life
encounter you will explore the some of the
extensive research and assist in the
discoveries in space. Qualified participants
will also do a spacewalk while tethered to the
This resort is filled with the latest laser spas
and lunar activities for those who wish to stay
inside. For those seeking more adventure,
schedule a Moon Walk or take a ride in a
Moon Buggy. See the sites on the Moon!
Collect a few rocks for your family or friends.
Some of the interesting things to see or do at
our resort are:
 Explore Lunar Caves
o Take a walk into the moon see the
mysteries beneath.
 Space Jumping
o You’ve heard of bungee jumping.
Well on the moon, you jump of one of
the close by mountains and
weightlessly descend to the surface.
 Moon Racing
o Race across the moon in our specially
built Lunar Rovers and jump across
Contact our travel agency and schedule
your once in a lifetime vacation on the