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IA Assessment Checklist (1)

Physics IA Checklist
Total Mark: /24
Personal engagement
( /2)
 Justification for choosing the research question demonstrates personal significance, interest or curiosity
 Evidence of personal input and initiative in the design, implementation or presentation of the investigation
Exploration ( /6)
Research question is clearly stated, sharply focused and refers to the independent and the dependent variable
Relevant background information is provided
Research methodology addresses all factors that influence reliability and sufficiency of data
Safety, ethical or environmental issues are addressed.
( /6)
 Sufficient raw data collected
o Data in tables with columns with heading, symbol, units and uncertainty of measurement
o Significant digits in the data are consistent
 Data processing
o Data processed correctly and accurately
o Graphs have appropriate scales, labelled axes with units, and accurately plotted data points
o sample of each different type of calculation is included
 Uncertainties
o Uncertainties are correctly propagated
o Comments on how any uncertainty values are obtained
o Uncertainty bars are included
 Interpretation of Data
o Suitable trend line drawn
o Lines of minimum and maximum gradients are drawn
Evaluation ( /6)
Conclusion is stated as a mathematical equation and is relevant to research question.
Conclusion is justified and compared to relevant scientific context
The design and method of the investigation are commented upon as well as the quality of the data.
Discussion of suggestions for improvement based on the weaknesses and limitations
( /4)
 The report is well structured and clear
 The report is concise
 The use of physics terminology and conventions are appropriate and correct