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1 Hour Trader Transformation Outline

Consistency is kind of like ___________________________________
Chase the ____________, not the money. The money will end up______________
The sky is the limit when you have consistency. The problem is:
Transforming yourself is all about:
1st: ________________________
Can you relate to any of the mentioned situation? Yes
All these situations ultimately give you one thing: ____________________
First and most important, odds are ________________________________
Are you a __________________ or a ______________________?
A ______________ “buys the top” and “sells the bottom”
What is the actual problem? ________________________________________
The Pit Principle
There is ____________ in learning to identify __________________________
Clay lost more than _________________ during his trial and error.
This principle is otherwise known as The __________ in _________________
The 3 Keys…
These keys unlock ___________________
Key #1 - __________________________________________________
The 1st thing you must understand to _____________ and make this process work:
Do not be ____________ by _________________ and try to ______________
Nobody can ____________ as efficiently as _______________
Trading consistency depends on:
When you ______________________________________________ you bring
instant _________________________________.
You DO NOT need to ____________________ or ____________________________
Trading is NOT about ______________________
Trading IS ABOUT ___________________________________________
The key (and weird) question we need to focus on is ________________________?
You can NOT control ______________________________. And this is a good thing!
Trading __________________ is only a three-piece puzzle….
Puzzle Piece #1:__________________________________________________
Puzzle Piece #2:__________________________________________________
Puzzle Piece #3:__________________________________________________
These three puzzle pieces are connected with _________________
Key #2 - __________________________________________________
2 Promises You Need to Make…
I will NOT develop ____________________________
I will NOT assume ____________________________
The potential problems Key #2 can give us as traders come from the concept in
psychology known as The Illusion of ___________________________
As humans, our __________________ is pretty impressive.
If you have used this tool before with no/little success, ______________ says it is
The __________ Within Our DNA As Humans…
PHD Psychologist says our brains are _________________________________
Forget what they told you. You want the truth, _____________________________
Let’s establish some context about this tool…
This tool uses __________________ to ____________________________ about
the value/price of an asset.
Understanding this __________ helps us in ________________________________
Research states that SIMPLE ____________ do the best job of bring ___________
to our understanding of __________________.
What do you think will happen to Tom? ____________
Why? _________________________________________________________.
_________________ helps us make well informed decisions about _____________
You are confused about my decision with Tom (or at least I hope you are!) because
you have _______________ and understanding of ___________________________
__________________ presents new opportunity that __________________
Traders must have the skill of being _________________ (no, it’s not “disciplined”)
if they want to find long lasting success.
In the given situation, your advice to the children is:__________________________
The secret to _________________________?
Being able to answer __________ to both of these question….
Is the _____________________ and _______________________ when
compared with __________________________________
When you can answer _________ to both, you can be wrong 85% of the time and
still ________________________
Even if _____________________ some ________ make ______________________
As traders it is guaranteed that we ____________________________
When you know it ____________________ to __________________ and that, if
you are ____________ your result is ______________________________ would
you have any of the given emotions?
______________________ = Confidence
Key #3 - __________________________________________________
The Story Is About ______________ and _______________
A ________________________ is useful for ANYTHING that….
Has a ______________ that___________________ over a period of ____________
Day-trader or swing-trader, you must become a puppet master of _________ .
________________________________________ = Freedom
____________ work anywhere on_____________
Your _________ does not matter.
Even “country boys” can make money. Your __________ does not matter.
A full time and intense job like the military? ___________ still work.
If you can__________________ and ___________________, then________ work.
What and who else do _______________ work for?
If you _______________ (NOT___________!!!!) what ________________
And you followed what I showed you with Key #1 and focused on ____________
and becoming a _____________________...
You did what I showed you with Key #2 and used ______________ to
____________ and gain ______________________...
And Then…
You used Key #3 to give yourself the opportunity at ___________________ and
_____________ with your trading…
Do You Think You Could Be _______________________?