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Summarizing the future of social media

Summarizing the future of social media
Living in a world where everyone is connected, like everyone else I am also connected. That means I
also spend a lot of time on the Internet, which more often than not on social media. I get to know all
the latest events and on the most memorable of all, I get to keep all the friendships I’ve made
throughout the years thanks to that.
Checking the assignment my teacher sent for the class, I became fascinated by the article called “The
future of social media at the turn of the decade” which basically explains how social media affects us,
and what is done to prevent the incidents related to it.
The author explains that social media is a great way to communicate but there are some dangers and
downsides as well. He proceeds to explain about data and privacy. He asks the readers indirectly: Will
people get conscious and take the necessary action? He wonders. There aren’t subtle cues, but a
well-equipped reader can understand the author is not feeling okay about these developments.
After explaining WeChat and the other socials networks, he proceeds to explain how social media
merged with our day-to-day tasks, such as storing IDs, paying for utilities, and getting access to public
services. These are very useful pieces of information indeed, however, we can sense that the author
is not on the technology’s side here too. He lastly explains how we will consume content and ends
the article by hoping the social media scene will be safer and more democratic in the future.
The author draws even an unlikely reader into his experience through his engaging sentences, honest
tone, and engaging style. But I think he should have been more neutral while writing the article.
Nonetheless, it is a very strange and engaging article and I want everyone to take a look at it.