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1.find at least three successful entrepreneurs with them their photo in Ethiopia and in foreign and discus
The three Ethiopia entrepreneurs
a.beyneh kindie[import and export]
the history of belayneh kindie import,export and associates is directly
linked to the life of a visionary young man from mountainous rural villagell
called gerelta [in west gojam,Ethiopia]. This energetic young man started
business as small scale trader of butter,honey and cereals between country
side and addis ababa and supplying consumable commodities to rural hous
eholds. The biography of this businessman is stated here to note the
benefits of hard work which should not be overlook or avoided by any one
who has a vision to become a successful business owner.
.The challenges of that faced belyneh kindie
Solidfying the company’s management foundation was the
Biggest challenge during the early period. As a result
the manager and deputy manager encouraged those
amateur employ’s, who were not well versed in the
trading business.
Major achievement of kindie
. bkiea is transformation its business from international
Agricultural commudities trade to manufacturing and value
Add produt export.the establishment of edible oil factory
Which can cover 50 percent of the country’s edible oil
Market demand can bee seen as testimony for this fact.
.we have generated 301 million dollars in the last six years