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Creation Scavenger Hunt

Creation Scavenger Hunt
Go outside to try these activities, inspired by the story of creation in the Torah.
DAY 1: Dark and Light
DAY 4: Sun, moon and stars
Find a shady place. How does it feel to sit
or stand there?
Can you see the moon? Describe its shape.
Find a sunny place. How does it feel to sit
or stand there?
Gather some natural materials and make a
a model of the sun, the moon, or a star.
DAY 2: Sky
DAY 5: Creatures in the water and sky
Find a cloud that looks like something else.
What does it remind you of?
Can you hear any birds? Try to imitate the
sound they make.
Describe the color of the sky. What else
can you think of that’s the same color?
Pretend to be a creature that lives in the
water or sky. Can someone guess what you
DAY 3: Lands, Sea, Plants, and Trees
Try to find:
 A plant or tree with flowers
 A plant or tree with leaves larger
than your hand
 A plant or tree that smells good
 A plant that makes you smile
 A plant that is soft
 A plant that is prickly
DAY 6: Animals, creepy crawly things,
and humans
Try to find:
 Signs an animal has been there
 Signs a human has been there
 A bug or worm
Find something “very good” and ENJOY IT!
Relax somewhere beautiful!