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Have you tested positive on the pregnancy test? Are you wondering how it can affect your life?
Are you looking for ways to cope up with it? If you are looking for answer to these question then
you must listen to me.
Teenage pregnancy can be devastating. But once it happens, there is no way going back. The
most you can do is come to terms with this life-changing event. It can have far-reaching effects
on every aspect of your life, both during pregnancy and after delivery. So, how can teenage
pregnancy affect your life?There are many ways that can change the life of the teenagers but I
will only concentrate with 5 effects .First is the Education this is one of the serious effects of
teen pregnancy on social life. Teenage pregnancy is one of the leading reasons for young girls
dropping out of school. Research shows that less than 40% of all pregnant teens graduate after
dropping out of school.
Teenage Pregnancy "Unplanned does not mean unwanted or unloved .It just means life knew what I
needed before even I did ". Do you know what teenage pregnancy is ? Teenage pregnancy is a
situation that involves female adolescent. A teenage female can be pregnant as early as the age of
12 to 17 and it is quite concerning . Although most teenage pregnancies are unintentional, it still
means that there are chances of them getting pregnant. At the same time, teenage pregnancies
associate with social concerns nowadays. Teenage pregnancy is one among the hundreds of issues
that affects the world imbalances today.It is something that affects over million of teens in the world.
This can cause lot of endless problems in life of a teen and the newborn. Women of all age may have
unintended pregnancies, but some ground such as teens are at higher risk. There are lot of things
that can cause an unplanned teen pregnancy, there were experimenting with sexual encounter or
what we called curiosity, lack of guidance and support by their parents , being raped, and being
abused . I'm against with teenage pregnancy . Why? Because , are they sure that they can give a
brighter to your children? Can they take good care of them? How can they support and give the
beeds of their children when they are just a teen with a lower educational level and also it can
increase the number of poverty in our country. Although they are unemployed, they go on a benefit
which is when money is given by the government. Why do young moms lead a poor life inspite of
the money given by the government? Well, they lead poor life because they don't think what will
happen in the future instead they just think about the present. But we should not judge them
because they were pregnant at early age, without knowing the reasons behind, instead we respect
them like we respect other people because they are deserved to be respected. We can prevent this
issue as we can. By having a good guidance which is the most important thing so that this issue can
be lessen. Be more disciplined and cautious to every decisions that we make because teenagers
should stay in school and study so that they can have a brighter future and can give a very dignified
life to their families. I believe that we can't control our hormones but we can control our emotions.
2. Academics:
This is one of the serious effects of teen pregnancy on social life. Teenage pregnancy is one of
the leading reasons for young girls dropping out of school. Research shows that less than 40% of
all pregnant teens graduate after dropping out of school. Your reasons for missing school can
vary. Maybe you need to visit your gynecologist or you may be on bed rest. Once you give birth,
attending school becomes all the more difficult. These factors can affect your overall academic
3. Relationship With The Baby’s Father:
As soon as you tell your boyfriend you are pregnant, chances are that he will desert you. A
survey by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy concludes that most teen fathers
refuse to marry the mother of their baby. Your baby might grow up having no relationship with
his father.
6. Discrimination:
As a pregnant teen, you may face ridicule and discrimination from teachers, administrators, and
schoolmates. You may also face discrimination when looking for a job. If you are part of a
religious group, you may feel like an outcast.
7. Worries About The Future:
Uncertainty about the future is a common feeling during teenage pregnancy. You may feel that
you don’t have enough knowledge to be a mother. You will also have fears about how the baby
will affect your life and aspirations for the future.
9. Financial Issues:
Teenage pregnancy can lead to many financial problems. If you don’t work full-time, you might
have to get one to make ends meet. Studies conclude that a large percent of teen mothers find
themselves either in a homeless or non-permanent living situation. So, you may have to move
between the homes of your friends and sibling.
How did you deal with your pregnancy? How did you overcome the fears and emotional trauma?
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