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Drone laws in Europe

10km/hour is roughly 3m/s
Stratus clouds produce steady rains, and cumulus clouds produce
intense, stormy precipitation. If there are thunderstorms or heavy rain
in the vicinity (Cumulonimbus!) , do not fly the drone. High wind, rain
and lightning all can cause you to crash your drone.
In exceptional cases, a flight above 120m from the closest point of the
surface of the Earth is possible. Drones are allowed up to 15m above
the height of an obstacle if the owner of the obstacle allows it (For
instance, to inspect a windmill).
OODA loop = Observe – Options – Decisions – Act
MEUH = Meteo – Environment – UAS (drone check) – Humans/obstacles distance
The link between a drone and the remote controller is called the C2 link (Command and Control