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Autobiography of Arman

Since I was four, I was really dedicated to sports. But, as time passed and I went to higher grades I
needed to spend more time on studying so as a result I had less time to play. My parents were always
supportive to build a strong carrier for me. Their influence has always matter in taking strong decisions
of my life. During my weekends my parents, to increase my play time, took me for extra activities like
tennis, football and basketball. There was a time when I was really interested in making short films
which i am still interested in. I liked to edit clips, add effects to it and let the viewers enjoy what I am
presenting. I put my full effort to it. I have also done many scientific projects by researching about it
then trying to do it myself. I made a drone for my school's science fair which I was ranked first place for.
I had a lot of support of my parents in doing these projects.