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articles 4-7 of the constitution mini quiz

Name __________________________________________ Date ____________________________
1. Article 4 says that laws should be respected from ___________________ to
__________________. And if someone commits a _________________ in one state, then flees
to another state and are caught, they will be _____________________ to the state where to
crime occurred.
2. Article 5 allows for ___________________________ to The Constitution in case people want
changes made to the existing laws. To ___________________ a law means to make it
___________________ than it was before.
3. Article 6 states that the government will be responsible for paying all of its ________________.
It also says that public officials must solemnly swear to uphold the laws of The
4. Article 7 tells us The Constitution was made official in the year _________________. Which was
12 years after The Declaration of Independence was signed in the year ___________________.
BONUS: Tell me 2 names signed on The Constitution