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Guanghua Technology Co.,Ltd

Guanghua Technology Co.,Ltd
China polyester resins for powder coatings manufacturers and saturated/solid polyester
resins wholesale
We mainly 5 product categories
Product Technology Sheet
Zhejiang Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd( hereafter referred to its brand name as KHUA)
was founded in
2014. KHUA has
devoted itself in
the research
development of
polyester resin
for powder
coating ever
since, and it has 50000 tons’ annual capacity. KHUA was recognized by the government
as a high-tech enterprise in the year of 2016, and now it has been proved as one of
China’s largest suppliers of polyester resin for powder coating.
Guanghua Technology Co.,Ltd
Main category of KHUA products:
- Carboxylic polyester resin
√ Out-door durable polyester resin
√ Low temperature curing polyester resin
√ Low gloss/dry blend polyester resin
√ Outstanding leveling polyester resin
√ Excellent heat resistance polyester resin
- Hydroxylic polyester resin
- Tin free polyester resin
No.3 East HuanYuan Road Yanguan Town,Haining, Zhejiang Province, China