Unifi Manufacturing, Inc

Who We Are…
Synthetic Yarn Producer
Producer and processor of polyester & nylon textured yarns
Founded in 1971
New York Stock Exchange: UFI
Sales Revenue ~$705 million (FY2012)
Over 2600 employees globally.
Unifi is well known around the world for its manufacturing
expertise and product innovations.
Global Solution Provider
Israel (JV)
El Salvador
• Manufacturing & Sales: USA, El Salvador, Colombia,
Brazil, China
• Sales & Marketing Offices Canada, China
• Joint Venture: Israel
• Headquarters: USA
Our Manufacturing Processes
REPREVE Recycling Center;
Bottle flake to REPREVE Chip
POY Manufacturing
Yarn Texturing
Value-Added Processes –
Dyeing, Covering, Twisting, Beaming,
Solution and Package Dyed.
Commitment to Innovation
Commitment to Sustainability
• Long history of sustainability
– On-site environmental team constantly reviews
every aspect of manufacturing to see how we
can reduce, reuse, & conserve.
• Own & Operate Fleet of Trucks; direct ship from our plants to our
customers to reduce energy costs
• Use of Returnable Packaging
– All US Operations Landfill Free
– Sustainable Textile Solutions; REPREVE
• Made from recycled materials; including post-consumer plastic
bottles & post-industrial fiber waste
– Consistent Quality; Drop-in replacement
– Reputation
– Avoid risking your reputation on false environmental claims
– Available Globally
– One brand; many product options
– Filament Polyester & Nylon, Staple Polyester
– Filament Performance Products; REPREVE Solution Dye, FR,
Package Dyed, Moisture Management, etc.
– PCR Chip
Mission: To be the world’s dominant brand of recycled fibers.
Over 4.5 Million REPREVE Based Jersey’s during the 2012 NFL Season
Specify REPREVE in a wide range office solutions;
from wall coverings to seating fabrics, hospitals & meeting spaces
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