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The Cameraman: A Spin on the Style of Eduardo Galeano
- - - - - - - - Author: Gobhanu Korisepati - - - - - - - They call him the master of anticipation. It is undisputed that
he is the most influential man on the pitch. Without him, it is almost
impossible for millions of fans to watch the sport that is football.
He is alone, struggling to walk across the pitch with weights
far too heavy across his shoulders. As he treads across the field,
he aims to keep his body as stable as humanly possible, just to
please the viewer. As he keeps filming with his only goal to satisfy
the viewer, he awaits the all too familiar critiques lambast. Now the
critique doesn't have to sweat across the pitch, and the
cameraman can console himself in solitude with his first-class seat.
They say it is about being in the right place at the wrong
time. He is not where the action is taking place, but where it is
going to take place. Not where the subject is now, but where they're
going to be. He stands waiting for the perfect moment, hand on
the button, eyes on the ball. Whenever the game isn't entertaining,
it is the cameraman who is blamed. Many envy to be in his position,
front row at all the major league games; yet it is only him that
missed the fantastic dribble, the exhilarating defense, and the
remarkable goal, all because he was saving it for the audience.
On the pitch, he isolates himself from all distractions,
dutifully focusing right on the game. He constantly monitors the
position of the ball in hopes of getting the best angles. As millions
of people watch as he broadcasts the game straight to their
homes, his main objective to make viewership skyrocket.
He gets the smallest of cheques, but it is only because of him
that the advertisers can flex. Without the cameraman, the most
hysterical moments will no longer be captured as an essence of
history. With a single mishap, the cameraman can make or break
the hearts of many, but still, after timeless hours, he has not once
been recognized. It is his destiny to live the rest of his life alone
and disprized.
The Steward: A Spin on the Style of Eduardo Galeano
- - - - - - - - Author: Gobhanu Korisepati - - - - - - - Gazing, he stands still looking away from the game, as
behind him there's history, and in front the unpredictable mystery.
He is the one that serves the most important role on the day
of the game, yet he gets no recognition for his tireless efforts. He is
a man who spends most of his time working on getting stronger
and faster because that is all that the job requires. Although
constantly tempted by the audience's roar, it is upon his resistance
that he strays away from the match. His assignment: To avoid
interference, protect the game, and ensure the safety of the
Early in the morning, he is the first to walk onto the pitch,
stationing his crew across the coliseum, only to know deep down
that he is the gladiator. He stares the fans dead in the eye, scaring
the living soul out of them. His chest puffed out hands behind his
back, as he simply holds back in the hope that the fans might not
just turn into hooligans. He is at a point of dedication where he
must put his life on the line if the situation desires, but most days,
all the job calls for is standing in a still spot monitoring each fan
eye to eye. Yet hopelessly, he stays alert at all times because that is
what the job requires.
Even though he does not contact the ball once, nobody on
the field is more attentive than him. When a fan breaks through the
stands, he gallops after with an aura as daunting as a tiger. The
audience roars not for him but rather for the rowdy that ravages
across the pitch. He pounces upon the fan only to hear the stands
scream in despair. But even so, he is willing to suffer the
blasphemy because that is what the job requires. He is the