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List 1 Quiz All MC

Vocabulary Quiz: List # 1
20 points
Matching: Match the word to the definition
1. Wheedle
A. To praise highly
2. Detract
B. To persuade by using sly or insincere methods
3. Visage
C. To understand by examining closely
4. Maxim
D. A face, especially one that expresses feelings
5. Plumb
E. A short saying, a general truth or piece of advice
6. Extol
AB. To take away beauty, value, or importance
Multiple Choice: Select the appropriate ANTONYM or SYNONYM
7. Intermittent
a. Must do
c. Stops and Starts
b. Lie
d. Constant
8. Emancipate
a. Cheating out of
c. To liberate
b. To enslave
d. Direct question
9. Destitute
a. Wealthy
c. Poor
b. Drifter
d. Homebody
10. Insuperable
a. Always loses
c. Constant
b. Always wins
d. Stops and Starts
11. Flamboyant
a. Classy, calm
c. Essential
b. Optional
d. Rowdy, in-your-face
12. Obligatory
a. Classy, calm
b. Optional
13. Vagabond
a. Wealthy
b. Wanderer
14. Impetus
a. Starter
b. Starts and Stops
15. Bewail
a. Celebrate
b. Enslave
c. Required
d. Rowdy, in-your-face
c. Poor
d. Homebody
c. Closer
d. Constant
c. Liberate
d. Mourn
Select from the following words:
A. Destitute
B. Emancipate
C. Insuperable
D. Flamboyant
E. Vagabond
16. My brother’s team is ______________ in basketball. They win all the time!
17. You shouldn’t wear this ______________shirt to school. It is too showy!
18. Josh was hoping that someone would
____him from the horrors of in-house suspension.
19. After I spent my entire bank account on the new bike I found myself
20. My uncle is such a ____________________! He never settles down in one place.