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On behalf of Murdoch University, I am delighted to offer you admission into M1220 MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
for Semester 1, 2019 as a full time international student.
Your admission details are as follows:
Student Number:
Course Title:
Course Code:
CRICOS Course Code:
Orientation (Compulsory):
Course Commencement Date:
Standard Duration:
2 years (full-time study or part-time equivalent) - international students on a student visa
must study full-time
Estimated course duration with
Advanced Standing:
Not applicable
Mode of Study:
Campus Location:
Murdoch Campus
Indicative 2019 Annual Tuition Fee
for the first year:
AUD$28,152.00 - Fees are indicative based on unit-fee of core units for 24 credit points
(full-time study load per year). The non-core units can vary dependent upon the selection of
units. For more details, refer to the online Tuition Fee Calculator
Indicative 2019 Total Course Fee:
AUD$56,866.00 - Fees are indicative and based on the standard duration of the course (fulltime study load), taking into account the estimated annual increment of fees each year. The
fees can vary dependent upon the selection of units. For more details, refer to the online
Tuition Fee Calculator
Overseas Student Health Cover
AUD$1,365.00 - rate is for SINGLE cover. (If Dual-Family - AUD$4,988; Multi-Family - AUD
$7,340) Rates are for visa length cover from 01 February for semester 1 start and 01 July
for semester 2 start. If you intend to travel to Australia before these dates please contact the
Admissions team.
Student Services & Amenities Fee
AUD$151.00 (per semester)
Tuition Fee Deposit:
Plus OSHC:
Plus SSAF:
Less IWS:
- AUD$2,250.00
Less amount paid:
- AUD$11,665.00
Amount owing to accept offer with
OSHC arranged by MU:
Due Date for Acceptance:
One week before Orientation. We strongly recommend that you accept your offer at least
6-8 weeks before course commencement to allow yourself enough time to apply for your
student visa, prepare for your studies and finalise your enrolment in time for orientation.
Congratulations! You have been awarded an International Welcome Scholarship of
AUD$8,000 which will be paid directly to your Murdoch University tuition fee account in
four instalments, across two years. For your first instalment, simply subtract AUD$2,250
from your deposit amount, the remaining instalments will be paid at census date of each
applicable semester.
When you accept your offer, you will also be accepting the terms and conditions of the
scholarship. Click here for the Terms and Conditions of the IWS or follow this link for
more information http://our.murdoch.edu.au/Student-life/Finances/Browse-scholarships/
Congratulations on your success in gaining admission to Murdoch University. We look forward to welcoming you to the Murdoch
Suzanne Smith
Director, International
Murdoch University
• This offer is subject to the conditions specified above and on the Acceptance of Offer and Contract
• The course details are correct at the time of offer. The University reserves the right to alter its course offerings, policies and procedures whenever
the need arises and to vary them at any time without notice.
• You may be required to provide the original documents of the supporting documents that you submitted with your application. Kindly ensure
that you bring your original documents with you when travelling to Perth. If you are unable to provide original documents when requested, your
enrolment may be cancelled.
• This offer is based on the information you have provided. The University reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time should the information
provided be found to be false or incorrect.
Important Information about studying in Australia
• Living in Perth, Western Australia
Living expenses and Accommodation Options
School age dependents - You can enrol your school aged children in public or private schools, provided the school has the capacity to
accept them.If you are studying a Bachelor’s degree and have children of school-going age, you will need a Confirmation of Placement from
TAFE International to secure your child’s dependent visa. Please note that school fees may be incurred.
ESOS Information - The Australian Government wants international students to have a rewarding, enjoyable and safe experience when they come
to Australia to study. This brochure provides information to international students about their rights and the laws that protect them while they are
Personal Privacy - Your personal information is kept private in line with the Privacy Amendments Act 2012. In certain circumstances your personal
information may be shared between Murdoch University and the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if relevant, the Tuition
Protection Service. This information includes personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and the circumstance of any
suspected breach of a student visa condition; Please see MyAnswers for more information and a copy of the full privacy policy
All students must hold, prior to enrolment, a visa that allows them to study in Australia. For full details of the student visa regulations and application
procedures, please visit the Department of Home Affairs (formerly DIBP) website.
Change of details notification - Please be advised that you are under obligation to notify Murdoch University of a change of address while enrolled in
the course. Further information will be provided to you through your orientation or can be located through the MyAnswers portal. Under Department
of Home Affairs regulations, a condition of your student visa requires you to notify Murdoch University of your residential address (where you are
living in Australia) within seven (7) days of arriving in Australia and you are also required to notify Murdoch within seven (7) days of any change
in your address. You can change your personal contact details, email, address and telephone numbers in MyInfo. You will need your Student
Number and Murdoch Password to log in.
Complaints and Appeals - Murdoch University strives for excellence in its dealings with staff, students and the broader community. However, on
occasion we receive negative feedback or people express dissatisfaction or displeasure with an experience by lodging a complaint. Please refer
to the following link to access information about our complaints and appeals processes. International students may also contact the International
Education Conciliation Service at the Department of Education Services for assistance. This is a free mediation/conciliation service. The Conciliator
attempts to resolve disputes between international students and institutions as part of the institutions' internal complaints and appeals procedure.
Disability Services - Having a disability may impact on your studies. Find out more about our disability services.
• Indicative fee means the estimated fee based on the typical study pattern in this course e.g. 24 credit points per year on a full-time study load
• The indicative Annual Tuition Fees and SSAF quoted on the offer letter is an estimate of the fees that you are likely to pay in the year that your
course is commencing and are subject to annual increase.
• The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) amount quoted is for the entire duration of your student visa based on the duration of course offered
• If you are commencing a CRICOS-registered course with duration of 1 year or more, the 'Tuition Fee Deposit' is 50% (half) of the Indicative
Annual Tuition Fee for the first year; If the Course Standard Duration is less than 1 year, then the 'Tuition Fee Deposit' is 100% (full amount) of
the Indicative Annual Tuition Fee
• An invoice will be generated once you have enrolled in your units via “MYINFO” (details of how to log into MYINFO can be found at the New
Students website on www.murdoch.edu.au/New-students/). If there is a difference between the actual tuition fee and the indicative tuition fee
component of the Tuition Fee Deposit that you have paid, you will be required to pay the outstanding fees by the due date on the invoice. If you
enroll in additional units in the first two weeks of teaching, the tuition fee will be due immediately.
After you have completed your first semester of studies at the University, you will be considered a continuing international student. As a continuing
student, the actual tuition fees that you will pay in each teaching period will depend on the number of units and the field of education of the material
covered in each of the units that you select in each teaching period. Details of the actual tuition fees for each unit in your course can be calculated
by using the online tuition fee calculator http://handbook.murdoch.edu.au/fees/.
As an international student, it is a condition of your student visa that in each teaching period, you enrol in a standard number of units that will
allow you to complete your course in the Standard Duration mentioned in this offer letter. The Standard Duration at Murdoch University is based
on students successfully completing a standard unit enrolment of at least 12 credit points per semester or 24 credit points per year. Students
with an enrolment which varies from this will pay an adjusted fee (pro-rated). You should refer to the University Handbook for the total number
of points for this course (http://handbook.murdoch.edu.au/).
If you change course you will pay the fees for the new course in the year you start the course.
If your international student status changes, you will continue on a fee paying basis until you are offered a Commonwealth (Australian Federal
Government) funded place.
You may receive more than one invoice per 17 week study period depending on the spread of your units across each study period. Study
periods in study abroad, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs may contain a number of teaching periods and actual teaching
weeks are likely to be less than 17 weeks. For detailed teaching period information please refer to: http://handbook.murdoch.edu.au/dates/
Please note that some courses also have course materials fees
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
• It is a requirement by the Australian Government that all Student Visa holders pay and be registered for OSHC for the duration of their student
visa. Allianz Global Assistance OSHC is Murdoch University’s preferred provider. Please go to the following link for a list of other acceptable
OSHC providers.
RESPOND to this offer letter - to respond to this offer, you have the following three options:
(1) Accepting this offer:
Before accepting this offer, please carefully read the information in this Offer and the Acceptance of Offer and Contract further below. The
Acceptance of Offer and Contract will be the Agreement that you will have with Murdoch University when you accept your offer. All Acceptance
correspondences are to be emailed to accept.international@murdoch.edu.au
(2) Deferring this offer:
If you are unable to commence your course at Murdoch University in the semester indicated in this offer letter but would like to commence in a
future semester, it is possible to defer this place for a maximum of one year. All requests for deferrals must be submitted in an email by writing
to Defer.International@murdoch.edu.au. In your email, please ensure that you state your Murdoch Student Number, Reason for Deferring AND
the Semester you intend to commence. Should there be any change in the course or general entry requirements, your deferral request will be
assessed according to the new entry requirements.
(3) Rejecting this offer:
If you cannot or do not want to accept or defer this offer, we ask that you reject the offer so that we can offer the place to another student. To
reject this offer, please submit an email to International.admissions@murdoch.edu.au. In your email, please ensure that you state your Murdoch
Student Number, Reason for rejecting
PREPARE for your studies at Murdoch University
Get ready for your studies at Murdoch University by checking out our Pre-departure Guide which can be found at http://www.murdoch.edu.au/_document/
Visit the new students’ website at http://goto.murdoch.edu.au/NewStudents . Here you can:
Activate your student account by logging into the Online Response System;
Log in to the online student portal (MyInfo);
Plan out your course; and
Read up on all information about your studies at Murdoch University.
We also strongly encourage you to also visit the "Before you Leave" website at http://www.murdoch.edu.au/Future-students/International-students/Beforeyou-leave/ . Likewise, the "When you arrive" website (http://www.murdoch.edu.au/Future-students/International-students/When-you-arrive/ also has very
useful information.
ENROL in Units
Once Unit Enrolments open for your particular commencement year, you will need to complete the Self Enrolment Steps located in MyInfo. These steps
will allow you to enrol in your units, manage your fees and update your contact details. Please go to the following link for more http://our.murdoch.edu.au/
Please note that you will be able to enrol in units from the date that 'Re-enrolments open on MyInfo (usually in November of the year prior to your
commencement year). Details of the 'Re-enrolments open on MyInfo' date for your commencement year can be found on the key dates and deadlines
web page at http://our.murdoch.edu.au/Student-life/Get-organised/Important-dates-and-events/Key-dates-and-deadlines/
Orientation week (or “O-week”) is designed to welcome and introduce you to Murdoch University. Details of O-week can be found at http://
goto.murdoch.edu.au/Orientation. You should plan to attend the relevant school-specific session for either undergraduate or postgraduate students.
Orientation is also a chance to make friends, speak with your lecturers, sign up for clubs and activities, and immerse yourself into university life.
If you have questions regarding your studies at Murdoch the best way to contact us is to ‘Ask a Question’ through MyAnswers at https://
goto.murdoch.edu.au/MyAnswers. Alternatively, you can visit us in person at your campus location Murdoch Campus (To access a map of your campus,
please visit http://goto.murdoch.edu.au/Map).
Date of Offer: 22/07/2018
To accept the offer, please complete and sign this form as part of your acceptance AND:
(1) Pay your Tuition Fee Deposit and SSAF and OSHC (if you do not have existing cover) - see payment options below
(2) Submit this completed Acceptance of Offer and Contract to accept.international@murdoch.edu.au
(3) Provide evidence of OSHC (if you already have existing cover)
(4) Attach a copy of your passport photo page
Note: Upon completion of all steps above, you will be issued with an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) to submit with your student visa
application. This will be sent to the email address stated below, normally within 3 working days of finalising the acceptance process. Please check that
all details on your eCOE are correct before applying for a visa.
PERSONAL DETAILS - please complete the sections below:
Student Number:
Course Code/Title:
Admission Period:
Email Address:
Semester 1, 2019
Passport No:
Agent Name and Country (if applicable):
I am aware that I must pay the associated fees indicated on my offer letter in full. The payment I have made include the following (please tick where
O Tuition Fee Deposit: AUD$14,076.00
O Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF): AUD$151.00 (per semester)
O Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) required*:
(a) Single - AUD$____________________(refer to amount on Offer) OR
(b) Dual Family (student & spouse only OR student & children under-18 only) - AUD$____________________ (refer to amount on Offer)
(c) Multi Family (student & spouse & children under-18) - AUD$________________________ (refer to amount on Offer) OR
(d) I already have OSHC and wish to remain with my current provider. Details of my existing OSHC are as follows:
OSHC Provider Name: _______________________
Membership Number: ______________________________
Start Date:_____/_____/________ Expiry Date: _____/_____/________
TOTAL FEES: AUD$________________________
* It is a requirement by the Australian Government that all Student Visa holders pay and be registered for OSHC for the duration of their
student visa. The student must pay for OSHC or show proof that they have OSHC for the entire duration of their visa before eCOE can be
issued. The following category of students are not required to have OSHC:
• Holders of Temporary Residence Visas
• Students studying online or externally
• Citizens of Norway, Sweden and Belgium. For more information, please go to the Department of Home Affairs website
By signing this form, I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the following as part of my admission and enrolment:
• I am aware that it is my responsibility to abide by my visa conditions and that the University is obliged to advise the Department of
Home Affairs (formerly DIBP) and suspend enrolment if the above-mentioned student visa conditions are not met
• I have read and understood the Murdoch University Refund Policy for international students which is included in the offer
• I read, understood and agree to all the terms and conditions of the offer stated above including the Advanced Standing awarded (if
applicable) based on the course and/or major stated in the offer that may reduce the duration of the course
• Students’ enrolments are subject to the provisions of the Murdoch University Act and the statutes, regulations, rules, policies and
procedures made pursuant to the Act
• I acknowledge that Murdoch University will collect information about me, and that I have read the Privacy Policy (http://
www.murdoch.edu.au/Privacy/) that governs the use and disclosure of this information by the University. In certain circumstances the
University will be required to release this information to the Australian Government and related authorities where required by law
• Information contained in this contract and throughout engagement with the University meets the University’s obligation under the
ESOS Act and National Code 2018
• This agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws
Student Number: _______________ Full Name: _____________________________________________ Date of Birth: ___/____/_______
Signature:_________________________________ Date: _____/_____/_________
If you are under 18 years of age, either your parent/guardian/caregiver must sign the acceptance contract on your behalf
Guardian Full Name:_________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _______/_______/_________
Paying from Overseas - If you are offshore (in your home country) or your tuition fee is being paid from overseas, you can either:
1. Make a payment online using GlobalPay OR
2. Transfer funds using Telegraphic Transfer. Ensure you include your Name and Student Number, and attach the remittance advice with
your Acceptance of Offer
Account Name: Murdoch University, South Street, Murdoch WA 6150
Bank Name: ANZ
Swift Code: ANZBAU3M
(BSB) and Account No: (016-267) 8373-80279
Bank Address: ANZ, 135 Riseley St, Booragoon WA 6154
Paying from within Australia - If you are onshore in Australia or your tuition fees are being paid by someone in Australia
1. Make a payment by credit or debit card. This can be done in person at our Student Centre or by calling us on 1300 MURDOCH (1300
687 3624)
2. Transfer funds using Telegraphic Transfer (details of bank account as above)
Full Refund - All tuition fees will be fully refunded IF:
• Murdoch withdraws the offer of a place or
• Murdoch is unable to provide the course offered
Partial / No Refund
• If you are refused a student visa before commencing your course, all tuition fees are refundable minus the lesser of 5% of the fees
paid or $500.
• If you are refused a student visa after commencing your course, please refer to the fee rules.
• If you give notice of withdrawal more than ten weeks before commencement of the semester/trimester, all tuition fees paid in advance
are refundable less 10% of the semester/trimester tuition fees due or $500 whichever is the lesser.
• If you give notice of withdrawal less than ten weeks before commencement of the semester/trimester, all tuition fees paid in advance
are refundable less 30% of the coming semester/trimester tuition fee.
• If you withdraw from the University after commencement of the semester/trimester but before the Census Date, you shall be eligible
for a refund of fees paid for the current and future semesters/trimesters less 70% of the fee for the current semester/trimester.
• If you withdraw from the University after the Census date or after the end of the fourth week of semester where the Census Date is
earlier than the end of the fourth week, you shall be eligible for a refund of fees paid for the current and future semesters/trimesters
less 100% of the fee for the current semester/trimester.
• If you defer the commencement of your course to a future teaching period, your indicative tuition fee payment will be transferred to
that future study period.
• If you accept and then defer your offer for a semester/trimester and then choose not to commence with the University, all tuition fees
paid in advance are refundable less 30% of the coming semester/trimester tuition fee
Partial Refund
• If you are refused a student visa, all fees are refundable minus the lesser of 5% of the fees paid or $500.
• If you do not progress to Murdoch University due to non-completion of your packaged course or you have not met the condition(s) on
your offer, all fees are refundable minus a $250 administration fee
No Refund
• If you leave your packaged course prior to completion of the course, the packaging fee deposit is non-refundable
• If you have a packaged offer and COE with a Murdoch University partner institution and you choose not to progress onto Murdoch
University upon completion of the initial packaged course(s), the packaging fee deposit is non-refundable
Cancellation of Course by Murdoch University
• In the event that Murdoch University is unable to deliver a course in full, an affected student will be offered a full refund of all the
tuition fees paid to date. The refund will be paid to the student within 4 weeks of the day on which the University ceases to offer the
• Alternatively the student may be offered enrolment in a suitable course delivered by Murdoch University at no extra cost. The student
will have the right to choose either a full refund of tuition fees, or to accept a place in another course. If placement in another course
is preferred, the student will be asked to sign a document to indicate that they have accepted the placement
• Students who depart Australia earlier than the visa end date can seek refund of overpaid OSHC from their OSHC provider
• Students on scholarships or financial aid should seek advice from their lending institutions in regards to any additional policies
which may apply in the case of a student requesting a refund.
• Students seeking a refund must apply in writing using the Refund Request Form
• Refunds are made in Australian dollars unless requested otherwise and will only be made if the University has already received the
cleared monies in its bank accounts
• Murdoch University is part of the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) scheme. For more information, please go to the TPS website.