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Importance of Organizational Behaviour in WIPRO
WIPRO is a fast growing company which has 160,000 employees in 61 countries and
from 106 nationalities. Wipro’s workforce and business partners across the globe represent a rich
variety of backgrounds, skills, & cultures. The company’s focus is on building a best-in-class
organizational culture to attract, build and retain such diverse talent across levels, globally.
Organizational behavior plays a very important role in creating an organizational culture in
which they can provide their employees opportunity to learn, enhance their skills and grow their
careers leading to development of human capital, intellectual capital and consequently financial
Application of Organizational Behaviour in WIPRO
WIPRO has taken different types of measures to motivate their employees to
Employee welfare
1. WIPRO provides free education to the employee’s children till class XII in its own
institution. It also provides free transportation facility.
2. WIPRO continues to enhance safety & security at the workplace by prescribing policies
& procedures, creating awareness and imparting trainings. It has institutionalized key
policies like Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy and a robust grievance redressal
system (Ombuds). WIPRO also provides personal accident insurance policy of Rs.1,
00,000 for employees, premium of which is half paid by the employee and the other half
is paid by WIPRO.
3. WIPRO provides a good infrastructure, facilities and working environment to its
employees which includes- 24 hour cafeteria, gym, pickup and drop facilities.
4. Every employee of WIPRO gets an annual leave of 30 days and if more than 30 days are
taken then leave will be deducted from the next year. Employees also get sick leave of 5
days and if more than 5 days are taken then a certain amount will be deducted from the
salary of the employee.
Motivation through rewards
1. Attendance incentive- WIPRO has introduced a unique and effective
scheme of attendance incentive which will reward the workers as per
their punctuality and regularity at the work. Through this incentive
WIPRO wants make a habit of workers to become more regular and
punctual in their work which will help to improve the work culture.
2. Processed based performance pay- Wipro has adopted a processed based
performance pay in which the employees are given a fair chance to
perform well and be eligible for extra salary. The underperformed
employees get only the basic salary. This incentive is taken so that the
reward of extra salary will create competition between various employees
to perform well to get eligible for the reward which in turn will improve
the performance of the company.
3. Productivity based incentive- in this plan the worker gets a reword in
form of extra salary if his performance proves to be productive for the
4. Promotion- in WIPRO in order to get eligible for promotion employees
will have to perform at a certain required level. In this way promotion
acts as a major motivation for the employees to perform well to reach
their desired potion in the company. This improves the work culture of
the company and also increases its productivity.