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Honeybees as Keystone Species
Use the following links to research the question below. Please do not copy and paste, it
messes up the format of the page. Use your own words as best as you can. You may also
use other websites if necessary.
Honeybees are currently experiencing a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse
Disorder. Honeybees are a keystone species, meaning that their removal from ecosystems will
have a dramatic effect on the ecosystem as a whole. Also, honeybees are of great importance to
the human food supply. Use the links below to research bees as an example of a keystone
species. Answer the research questions.
1. What is a keystone species?
2. Why do keystone species have a larger impact on ecosystems than other species?
3. Why are honeybees considered a keystone species? Describe IN DETAIL how honeybees are
vital to ecosystem health.
4. Describe general bee biology: How is honeybee society organized? What is the role of a
hive? What is the honeybee life cycle? What do bees eat? How do they communicate? Etc.
5. In what ways are honeybees important to humans? BE DETAILED.
6. What is Colony Collapse Disorder?
7. How is CCD affecting bee populations?
8. What are the theorized causes of CCD?
9. Can CCD be prevented? If so, how?
10. How would a lack of honeybees negatively affect human populations? Why?
11. How would a lack of honeybees affect ecosystems? Why?
12. What is being done to stop the spread of CCD?