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The Plight of the Honeybee

The Plight of the Honeybee
What crops are pollinated by Honeybees in the U.S. and where?
2. What is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?
3. What kind of money is involved in the bee industry? Explain at least 3 different dollar amounts.
4. What pesticide did scientists think harmed or killed the honeybees?
5. What pest killed honeybees and how?
6. Who are two famous scientists that commented on the downfall of society if honeybees disappear?
7. Where did the bees originate from? Why were they brought in?
8. How many beekeepers have quit the business over the past 15 years? Why?
9. What are bee keepers analyzing to understand the loss of bees? What are they finding?
10. What are neonicotinoids? Why are they being used? How is it helping and harming farmers?
11. Pick 5 parts on a bee and explain what their functions are?
12. How much honey does one worker bee produce? How much weight can one bee carry? How many miles must
worker bees fly to produce one pound of honey?
13. Explain in detail the bee dance.
14. Explain at least 4 specific killers of honey bees and how beekeepers are trying to eradicate the hostile enemies
of the honeybee?