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Bill Nye Space Exploration Questions

Bill Nye Space Exploration Questions
1. Space exploration has allowed us to know that we live on a _____________
2. What “machine” do we need for space exploration?
3. What was the first “tool” people used for space exploration?
4. What was the second tool we used for space exploration?
5. What is the advantage of having the Hubble Space Telescope in space above Earth’s
atmosphere? _______________________
6. Why do rockets have to be so large when they launch rocks into orbit?
7. It takes 10 tons of fuels for the Space Shuttle to orbit Earth (True/False)
8. What is the name of the largest rocket ever made to hold fuel?
9. The Gantry tower is a big ____________________ to launch a ___________________
10. What would happen to an astronaut’s blood if their suit or the space shuttle were not airtight?
11. Where do astronauts practice working in space suits?
12. What is the advantage of foot restraints?
13. Life in space is very different from Earth. (True/False)
14. Why can it be difficult to use water in space?
15. How hot do the tiles get?
Follow-up Questions
1. List two facts you have learned from this video.
2. What question(s) may you still have about space exploration after watching this episode?