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Food Chains and Webs digital

Food Chains and Webs-What’s for Dinner?
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Food Chain Questions
1. A food chain is the sequence of
who eats whom
2. Food chains start with what?
3. The main primary energy source for life on Earth is
4. The 1st organism in a food chain must always be what type of organism?
5. Name two food making processes:
6. Another name for autotroph is
7. Define herbivore:
8. Herbivores are also called
9.What are animals called that feed on herbivores?
consumers eat secondary consumers
11. Each food chain ends with a
Food Web Questions
12.What is used to indicate the flow of energy in a food chain or web?
13.What happens to energy as we move from step to step in a chain or web?
14.Define food web:
15.What is meant by trophic levels?
16.Define autotroph:
17.The 1st trophic level consists of primary producers, also called
18. Name the second trophic level (both names)
19. Secondary consumers eat
20. Tertiary consumers eat
21. Food chains end with
22. Give two examples of decomposers
23. Can an organism fill more than one trophic level? Give an example.