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Physical-Properties of matter

Lesson 3:
Physical Properties of Matter
What is a Property?
A property is a
characteristic that
describes an object
or a substance.
All matter can be
described based on its
physical properties
and its chemical
Physical properties are
characteristics that
can be observed
without changing the
identity of the object
or substance.
Physical Properties of an Apple
Physical Properties Include:
-Melting Point
-Boiling Point
Research any of these properties that
you are not familiar with and be
prepared to discuss them in class!
Physical and Chemical
Properties of Matter
Physical properties of matter
include its hardness and color;
chemical properties are
identified by observing what
happens when one substance
reacts with another.
Physical Properties of Matter:
Key Questions:
1) Why is understanding the physical
properties of an object important?
2) Can an object’s physical properties be
measured? Explain.
3) Why are a substance’s melting point
and boiling point physical properties?