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How Video Testimonials work and How do you ask for them from a client

How Video Testimonials work? How do you ask for them from a client?
In today's cutthroat world, creating a good product isn't enough. In order to ensure success, it is
necessary to create a solid marketing strategy that will expand your consumer base. The
introduction of the internet has enabled the use of various marketing tools like content
marketing and advertising. But no matter how forward we go in technology, word of the mouth
is still given the most importance.
What Are Video Testimonials?
Video testimonials are recorded videos of customers talking about a company and its products
and services. The customers share their experience of using a particular company's product and
shed a positive light on why other's should try it too. They are positive video reviews that are
included in websites and other sales channels.
While text reviews have been a traditional feature in the marketing sector, video testimonials
are better since they showcase credibility. While customers have apprehensions towards text
reviews due to the chances of them being written by the company itself, videos let people see
and hear the customers for themself. This increases the faith of the customers in the brand.
Benefits of Video Testimonials
Advertising can be costly and difficult to indulge in for a lot of companies, especially startups.
Video testimonials offer such businesses an opportunity to increase awareness about their
brand without having to spend too much money. What use is creating a great product if nobody
knows about it? Unless people know about your services, they won't invest in you. Testimonials
are one of the easiest ways to spread the word about your brand. Listed below are the benefits
of using video testimonials.
▪Establish Authenticity
The internet has paved the way for the emergence of a lot of new businesses. This has also
increased the number of scams taking place. People have become more cautious while making
purchase decisions and hence rely heavily on reviews and ratings. A video testimonial is the
best way to prove the legitimacy of your company and build trust among the audience.
▪Increases Brand Awareness
Creating a strong presence online is necessary for a brand to increase sales, and then the best
way to do it is by using testimonials. Videos are easily shareable and hence makes it easier for
customers to share it with their friends and followers. The more a video is shared, the more
exposure the brand gets.
▪Increase Conversions
The main motive behind marketing is to attract new customers. Video testimonials are a
successful way to do so. Customer testimonials greatly influence the purchasing decisions of
new customers. They offer real reviews about the brand which increases customer interest and
leads to conversions.
▪Creates An Emotional Connection
A video conveys emotions in a much better way than texts do. The display of emotions by the
speaker helps build a deeper bond between the speaker and audience, promising them to
experience the same feeling when they invest in your product.
How To Ask Customers For Video Testimonials?
Recording and editing a video testimonial is easy and hassle-free but the hard part is to ask
customers for them. While a lot of customers leave reviews, they are usually short and in
textual form. A good video testimonial is brief and comprehensive. In order to gain such a
testimonial, it is necessary to reach out to previous customers.
Most people aren't forthcoming when asked to submit testimonials and hence it is necessary to
ask them in the right way. Given below are a few ways to get video testimonials.
▪Sending Mails
Asking customers for testimonials via email is one of the quickest and efficient methods to get
it. Mail them simple messages asking them to record a testimonial based on their convenience
and emphasize your gratification at doing so.
▪Personally Ask Them
In case your customer has just finished working with you or purchasing a product from you, ask
them whether they can provide a testimonial in person. Most people find it difficult to refuse
when asked in person and hence this is a great way to get video testimonials.
▪Interview Customers
Another way to gain video reviews is by recording interviews of customers during an event or
purchase. Asking them questions will make it easier for them to speak in detail about specific
topics that you want to showcase in the video.
Points To Keep In Mind While Asking For Video Testimonials
• Be Pleasant
Nobody likes to be ordered around and hence it is necessary that while asking a customer for a
video review you are pleasant and not rude.
• Don't Repeatedly Ask For Videos
It is necessary to avoid annoying the clients by repeatedly asking them to send testimonials.
This could cause them to give in negative reviews. Time your emails and ask them during
specific periods.
• Ask Customers To Share Testimonials On Social Media
Remember to ask customers to share their testimonials on various social media platforms so as
to increase the reach of the video. It is more likely that the people who follow them would be
influenced by investing in your company due to positive reviews from a known person.
A common reason why a lot of websites appear to be dull and have lower click-through rates is
because of the lack of video testimonials. Not including video testimonials on your website can
prove to be a handicap in your brand growth. Reach out to your customers and get video
testimonials that will help build your authenticity and increase your market value.
Video testimonials are one of the most important aspects of marketing and hence failing to use
them could be the wrong choice. They are an easy advertising tool and also create customer
engagement. Therefore make use of this simple strategy and ensure increased profits and
better results. Widen your horizons by using video testimonials to hone in on new customers
and ensure brand loyalty.
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