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past simple- all forms

A. Read the story and fill in the blanks with the past forms of the actions in the pictures.
Hello, I’m Sam;
I had a very busy day yesterday. I 1)________
a quick shower first and then I 3)________
at 10:00. I 2)________
my teeth. Next , I 4)________
my favourite trousers and shirt. I was so hungry so I 5)________
a big sandwich and I 6)________
execise. I 7)________
a cup of tea. After breakfast it was time to
my motorbike to the gym. First, I 8)________
some exercise and then I 9)________
in the
pool. At noon, I 10)________
my girlfriend, Lisa, at a café. After the cafe we 11)________
to a shopping mall with her car. She 12)________
and I 13)________
all of them. I 14)________
the afternoon. I 15)________
and then I 17)________
a lot of shoes and dresses
home at 3:00 in
the flowers, 16)________
my dog
the dog for a walk in the park. In the evening, it was
time to have fun with my friends. We went to our friend’s house.
We 19)________
and we 21)________
a car race on TV , we 20)________
songs. When I arrived home, I was very
tired so I 21)________
to bed and 22)________
immediately .
B. Answer the questions (1-8).Write long answers.There is one example (0)
0. What time did Sam wake up last Saturday??
He woke up at 10:00 in the morning.
1. Why did he eat a big sandwich?
2. How did he go to the gym?
3. What did he do in the gym?
4. Who did he meet at noon?
5. Where did they meet?
6. What did Sam do at home in the afternoon?
7. When did he meet his friends?
8. Where did they go?
C. Correct the false statements (1-10) below. There is one example (0).
0. Sam woke up at 8:00 in the morning.
He didn’t wake up at 8:00. He woke up at 10:00 in the morning.
1. Sam ate an omlette and drank a glass of tea for breakfast.
2. Sam wore his favourite shorts and t-shirt.
3. Sam ran in the gym.
4. Sam and Lisa went to the shopping mall by bus.
5. Lisa bought a lot of food.
6. Sam came home at 4:00 in the afternoon and planted some flowers.
7. Sam went to his mother’s house in the evening.
8. Sam and his friends watched a movie on TV.
9. Sam played “Monopoly” with his friends.
10. Sam read a magazine when he arrived home at night.