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TermProject Guidelines-comp120 -updated

COMP120 – Software Engineering Fundamentals
Term Project Guidelines (Due 12th week)
Group project is worth 15% of your final mark.
Group size: 3 members in a team
Topics - Latest Technology
video limit: 10 minutes
Submission: Word document and a video
1. Select a topic for your group project (e.g.: Emerging Technology)
2. Each group will make presentation of their group work during
scheduled live session in week 12
3. Include SCRUM Team meeting minutes
4. Select a project collaboration software (e.g.: Slack, Jira) to
communicate about the project
5. If you cannot join live session then you can give a Demo through
video and post it in the same link as Group Project under
6. Apply Agile methodology -Individuals and interactions over
processes and tools
7. This presentation is 15% worth of your final mark.
a. 5% - Content – video – limit to 10 minutes
b. 5% - use of Team Collaboration software
c. 5% - Documentation
8. Include Team members name in footer in all the slides
9. Document your work in the word document