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In the video , teach us how to configure the Cisco Switch and End Device ( PC ) .
Packet Tracer is a program used to illustrate at a basic level how the networks work. Thus ,
to configure the switch and end device in the simulator are the same because they use the
command-line interface . The command-line interface is use script to run the command and
the output will view on a monitor.
To remote a switch and router , there are 3 type of access methods . We can use a
console cable to access and start configure our Cisco Device. SSH , also known as Secure Shell is
a network protocol used to access the remote device in a secure way . This shell must have
username and password for authentication to access the program . Telnet is a low protection in
network protocol where it no need password to access because it is open access.
For security , IOS commands are divided in the set of different command mode. Each
command mode has its own set of commands , example IOS modes are User EXEC that allow to
access to only a limited number .The symbol use to prompt > compared to Privileged EXEC
, CLI prompt that ends with the # symbol. This symbol mean allows to access all commands
and features in privileged mode. However , access to privileged EXEC mode should be
restricted by password protection to prevent unauthorized use because it provides direct
access to global configuration mode.
Next , switch provides two forms of context sensitive help and command syntax check.
Context sensitive help is used when we don’t know what are going to do or don’t know how to
use a certain keyword , we can just put the keyword name and type ? ( quentions mark ) and hit
enter key . For command syntax check , it will provide an instruction or feedback describing
what is wrong with the command. Last but not least , to declare device names should be in
correct when naming devices names . The important ways to naming for devices names must
start with letter , contain no spaces , end with a letter or digit , use only letters , digits and
dashes and must be less than 64 characters in length.