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Articles on corporate ethics and social responsibility regularly appear in business journals and newspapers.
Find one or more articles discussing one of the following ethics or social responsibility challenges faced by
a business:
Environmental issues, such as pollution, acid rain, and hazardous-waste disposal
Employee or consumer safety measures
Consumer information or education
Employment discrimination or diversity initiatives
Investment ethics
Industrial spying and theft of trade secrets
Fraud, bribery, and overcharging
Company codes of ethics
Prepare a presentation including answers to the following questions.
1. What is the nature of the ethical challenge or social responsibility issue presented in the article?
Does the article report any wrongdoing by a company or agency official? Was the action illegal,
unethical, or questionable? What course of action would you recommend the company or agency
take to correct or improve matters now?
2. Which stakeholder groups were affected? What lasting effects will be felt by the company and
these stakeholders?