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Supplies for funda 1

‫ارفاق صورة الجهاز‬
‫الغرض من االستخدام‬
)‫اسم الجهاز (انجليزي‬
2 Oxygen supply (out let or oxygen cylinder)
2 Oxygen Flow meter with humidifier bottle
50 Nasal cannula
50 Oxygen simple face mask with tube
10 Medical adhesive Tape
4 packs 2x2 non-sterile Gauze
20 Towel or moisture-resistant pad
130 pairs Sterile gloves
Portable or wall suction machine with
tubing collection receptacle
Sterile suction catheter kit
(#12 to #18)
4 bottles Sterile normal saline
4 bottles Water-soluble lubricant
50 Goggles
50 face shield
)‫اسم الجهاز (عربي‬
50 Sputum trap
30 Moisture-resistant disposal bag
30 Yankauer suction catheter
4 packs Clean gloves
130 pairs Sterile gloves
Collecting a Sputum Specimen by
130 Identification Labels
130 Laboratory Requisition
50 Small biohazard plastic bag
130 Sterile specimen container
4 packs Clean gloves
2 packs Facial tissues
10 Emesis basin
2 packs Disinfectant swab
Collecting Nose and Throat Specimens
for Culture
130 Sterile swabs in sterile culture tubes
4 Nasal speculum (optional)
4 Emesis basin or clean container
2 packs Tongue blades and penlight
4 packs Facial tissues/gauze
4 packs Clean gloves
130 Identification labels
130 Laboratory requisition
70 Small biohazard plastic bag
Nasogastric tube ( inch)
Salem sump
Non-allergenic adhesive tape, 2.5 cm wide.
Clean gloves (size M )
Water-soluble lubricant
Facial tissues
Glass of water and drinking straw
20-50 ml syringe with an adapter
Commercial securement device
Bilirubin dipstick.
PH test strip
Disposable pad or towel
Clamp or plug
Suction apparatus
Safety pin
elastic band
CO2 detector
feeding formula
60mL catheter-tip syringe
Clean gloves (size M )
Emesis basin
PH test strip
Measuring container
Feeding pump
calibrated plastic feeding bag
prefilled bottle with a drip chamber
flow regulator clamp
Blood glucose meter (glucometer)
Blood glucose reagent strip compatible with
the meter
Antiseptic swab
Clean gloves
Sterile lancet
(a sharp device to puncture the skin)
Lancet injector
(a spring-loaded mechanism that holds the
antiseptic swab
Clean gloves
Small pillow or folded towel
Sterile 2 × 2–inch gauze pads
adhesive tape
Small plastic biohazard bag for delivery of
specimen to laboratory
Sharps container
Sterile safety needles 20- to 21-gauge
Sterile 10- to 20-mL Luer-Lok safety syringes
Needle-free blood transfer device
Appropriate blood specimen tubes
Venipuncture with Vacutainer
Vacutainer and safety access device with
Luer-Lok adapter
Sterile double-ended needles 20- to 21gauge
Two 20-mL sterile syringes
Anaerobic and aerobic culture bottles
Infusion set
Sterile parenteral solution
IV pole
Nonallergic tape
Clean gloves
Antiseptic swabs
IV catheter #20- to #22-gauge
Sterile gauze dressing
Towel or bed protector
Local anesthetic
Electronic infusion device or pump
Intermittent infusion cap or device
saline for injection (without preservative) in
a prefilled syringe
3-mL syringe with a needleless
infusion device
Isopropyl alcohol wipes
Blood administration set
500 mL normal saline