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Impromptu Speech Evaluation sheet 2020

Impromptu Speech
Evaluation Sheet
Evaluator’s Name/ID: ________Paul, Lam Ka Kit____BB802052________
Speaker’s Name/ID: _____ HO KA TONG ___SB720355__________________
Date of when you received Video from the speaker: ______18/3/2020___________
Actual time of the speech: ___1__ minutes, and __51__ seconds
Circle an evaluation mark in each category and add constructive comments in the
provided space. Make sure to write some comment too.
Delivery Technique
Vocal Expression (volume, rate, pitch,
Facial Expression (relaxed, animated)
Diction, Grammar, and Word Usage (No
“you know’s”, “um’s”, or “ah’s”)
Eye Contact (looks at audience)
Bodily Action and Gestures (no distracting
movements, relaxed, comfortable)
Time Management (too short or too long)
Organization and Content
Introduction (attention gaining)
Body (clear main points)
Conclusion (good ending)
Your speech volume and speed let me feel comfortable and pronunciation is
clear. I can feel you are not too much nervous and relax yourself, that’s good. However,
most of time you don’t make eye contact with us. You kept looking away from the
camera. It is not a good habit when you are doing speech or other presentation, which
will let your audience feeling you are not confident. If you do improvement, it will be
During the speech, you were use a word “maybe” several time. I don’t know
whether you are not know the real situation of your father, but I think it just was a
transitional word that you were using in the speech. I think when you were sharing your
experience, it should be reliable or real although it is wrong for your memory.
About the time management, this video is not long enough. There is only 1
minute and 51 seconds. You can add more content to increase your speech time. For
example, you can talk more about why your father didn’t trust anyone and add more
information about the experience of your father. I think most of listener have felt
curious about your father.
At last, there are obvious clips in your video. It is a bad experience that it will
affect the mood of your audience although you explain it is a accident that you do a
wrong operation after. Anyway, this is not a big issue for me to enjoy your speech. I still
remember your father in my mind. He is an interesting man. Keeping practice! I believe
you will have better speech next time.