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Surely all of us are always looking for useful information about health

5 Tips to help you reduce stress that few people know
Surely all of us are always looking for useful information about health. Not only to help me
lead a healthier lifestyle, but also to spread this positive energy to those around me. Then
don't miss this article. These will be the divine secrets to help you live longer and be more
relaxed that not everyone knows!
Finger grip
This is a very good trick of the Japanese and it is like a remedy to help the Japanese live a
long, long life. This method is quite simple, so it is widely spread in many countries and
really those who have applied this method feel comfortable and comfortable. The secret of
this method is to massage the fingers to affect the points, blood vessels, release the tension.
Finger grip
Here's how to apply:
Use your left hand to firmly grasp the thumb of your right hand for 15-20 seconds and do the
same with the left hand. You will immediately feel the change, feeling less anxious, restless,
relaxed, more confident. As soon as you read it, you can practice right away!
Rotate the wrist
Rotate the wrist
Wrist rotation is often a cure-all for older people. However, Eastern medicine is very good
for treating insomnia. This symptom does not only occur in the elderly but even teenagers
now have it. Therefore, those who often have trouble sleeping, please immediately apply this
tip. It's very simple, just hold your hands together and rotate them clockwise 10 times,
counterclockwise 10 times and then fall asleep. Every day regularly, you will surely have a
super good night's sleep.
Practice saying “No”
This "No" exercise is definitely for those of you who are shy and for those of you who love
playing all night. You know, when you are tired all day, sleeping at night is extremely
important. This will be the time for the body to rest and excrete the body's toxins. But you
often do the opposite. Not knowing how to say "No" to invitations to bars, parties, and
dinners. Don't know how to say "No" to chat all night, surf Facebook, Tiktok. The result of
this is a tired face and state for the next day. Makes you less productive and less focused.
More specifically, your life expectancy is also reduced. So, practice saying "No" right now!
Take a deep breath
This seems to be so simple that very few people can do it! In fact, when you take a deep
breath, your body will be filled with more oxygen, the oxygen will go to the "nooks" in your
body and make you feel alert and comfortable. But it's not always right to take a deep breath.
You have to know how to take deep breaths properly. Breathe in slowly, steadily, and exhale
slowly. Deep breathing exercises are very popular in Yoga exercises. Deep breathing will
help you relax your mind, reduce stress, become calmer, and control your emotions.
ke a deep breath
The most obvious is when you prepare for an interview, your heart will surely beat wildly.
This is the best way for you to calm down, your heart will also gradually decrease the beat
until it stabilizes. Or when you are angry, an unlucky day happens. Try to take deep breaths
to stay calm when talking to someone who upsets you. People often say, "It's too bad to be
angry". So try not to let the water break the bank, guys.
You will probably be ridiculous and think "Writing a diary is not good for your health, it
doesn't matter!". But you forgot, diary is our feelings. Journaling is an emotional release
when we can't share it with anyone or no one can understand you but yourself. Write down
your thoughts, that means you are sharing. Which is what you want, that makes you more
comfortable and relaxed, reducing stress. You don't have to write every day, write when you
feel like sharing but don't have anyone to talk to. This is a very good psychological treatment.
Help you be optimistic in life, when you read it again, you will feel it as a motivation for you
to overcome difficulties. This is not difficult though. But remember to keep your diary
hidden, if you say bad things about someone, don't bother! ^^
Hopefully this article will help you get more tips for yourself when you encounter the above
cases. Together we strive for good health and a healthy lifestyle. Good luck!