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Short constructed response

Type III: “The Most Dangerous Game”
Write a short constructed response to one of the following questions. Chose a question that most
intrigues you and write a MLA formatted resonse. Your response must follow the perameters of
the short constructed response format provided in your notes.
Here are the FCAs we are focusing on:
1. Must have clear topic sentence w/ 1 text example 10
2. Must have proper capitalization 10
3. Must be written literary present 10
1. What wins out in the end: instinct or reason? How does Rainsford survive?
2. Why did Connell make Rainsford an American and Zaroff a Cossack? Is there a political
message to this story?
3. Should we make anything of Rainsford’s initial attraction to Zaroff? Are the two men
4. Is the ending conclusive or sort of open? Why? What do you think happens next?
5. Does everyone follow the rules of the game? Any cheaters there? Do rules count if only
one person knows them?
6. What, ultimately, is “the most dangerous game”? Does "game" refer to the hunted ("game
animals"), or to the competition between Rainsford and Zaroff? Or both? Does that
change the meaning of the story?
7. Does Richard Connell appear to condemn hunting or condemn hunting animals—or
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