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Takeaway HL AIC Moorside

Make a list of all the characters and
themes in the play, with key quotes.
Put key quotes onto a flashcard, with
explanations and analysis on the back.
Answer a 45 minute essay question
how each of the characters are
presented in the play.
Create an acrostic poem of one of
the characters, with each letter being
a quote. For example, INSPECTOR:
I – “Impression of massiveness”.
N – “nice little promising life... nasty
S – “(speaks carefully, weightily)”
How to order:
Check out the tasty tasks carefully
1 selected for you to try.
The weakest character in the play
is not Eva Smith. Create a
presentation arguing who you think
is the weakest character in the
play, and why?
Create a presentation of J.B.
Priestley’s intentions from writing
An Inspector Calls.
Create a quiz game for An
Inspector Calls with key questions
about characters or guess who said
the quote.
3 Hand in your Extra Homework to __________ –
Excellent (3pts); Very Good (2pts); Good
Essay Question: What type of play is An
Inspector Calls? Social comedy,
detective story, supernatural fantasy or
realistic representation of life in 1912?
Consider each one and include quotes.
Essay question: Priestley once
remarked that he had “always been
delighted at the prospect of a new day,
a fresh try, one more start, with
perhaps a bit of magic waiting
somewhere behind the morning.” How
might this illuminate your reading of
the play?
Essay Question: Do you think Priestley
is optimistic about the future? Base
your views on An Inspector Calls and
its dramatic presentation.
Try to re-read key extracts from
An Inspector Calls, so you have a
perceptive understanding of the
Create a timeline of An Inspector
Calls, after re-reading key extracts.
Ensure you are detailing what
happens in each Act, with key
Create a vocab list of words that
would be beneficial in an An Inspector
Calls essay. For example: ‘hierarchy’,
Create a mind map of a character,
including quotes and analysis around
The action of An Inspector Calls
takes place on just one evening, and
in just one room in the Birling’s
house. What do you think the play
gains or loses as a result?
Make a presentation on why Edna is
the most important character in the
2 Use the chilli rating to help you choose a
course you will enjoy.
Debate essay question: There is no
hope at the end of An Inspector
Calls because of the hubristic
nature of man is not fully
destroyed” – Discuss.
The Inspector is nothing more than
a perfectly human hoaxer, and
Priestley makes this clear. Do you
Debate essay question: The play is
actually about male lust and sexual
exploitation of the weak by the
powerful – Discuss.
J.L Styan has reviewed that the
play’s final twist gives a “spurious
emphasis irrelevant to the
substance of the play”. Do you
Debate essay question: The play is
a symbolic confrontation between
socialism and capitalism, where
neither philosophy emerges
triumphant – Discuss.
Key definitions: Spurious – fake/false. Hubristic – excessively proud/over confident. Philosophy – theory/attitude.