Tenant’s Request for Inspection

Tenant’s Request for Inspection
There is one additional Phase I document. It will be prepared in handwriting on a
preprinted form. You will do this at the West Side SRO Law Project before your
client meeting.
Take a look at the sample on the next page so you’re ready.
You will need to know:
 Name, address, and telephone number of client
 Day of the week and time of day that is best for client
o Client has choice of window:
 Weekdays: 10-2, 2-6, or 5-9
 Weekends: 10-3
o Client must be available the entire window
o You do not need to be present for the inspection
 All of the conditions
Some helpful tips:
 The inspector will be using this actual form when looking for violations, so:
o Write NEATLY
o Group problems by room (i.e. make it so the inspector can just go
down the list rather than jumping around it)
 Use as many forms as necessary
 The case attorney will be present to help you with any questions