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Buying the right post-production monitor

Ensure you are aware of the technical specs for buying
the right post-production monitor
If you are someone who is involved in editing, production, or post-production work, it is understood
that you need the best quality monitor because a major part of your performance is dependent on
the monitor. Panel technology plays an important role in choosing the monitor. So what is the panel?
It is the screen that is made up of the liquid crystal layer, polarizing layer, glass substrates, and a
color filter. It is essential to note that the difference in monitors arises from how the liquid crystals
are arranged.
For post-production monitor, the color-related accuracy is so vital while you also need to consider
the operating system, software program being used, the editing tools, the color calibration potential
of the monitor, and many such factors.
Remember the color precision is one of the most critical considerations in your professional gamut.
Choose to go in with the 4K monitor – simply, because of the fine quality of the output that helps
you monitor your performance effectively. The top-notch professional monitors come with color
calibrations to ensure the accuracy of the color range, color temperature, other technicalities like
Gamma, Gamut, and Delta E performance.
While the factor setting of color calibration is usually fine for the post-production monitor, you
might need to go in for separate hardware specifically for color calibration.
A frameless monitor has a very thin bezel and looks extremely sleek and trendy. It also helps the
user place more focus on the centre of the screen and hence his work, and not get disturbed by the
fancy frames around.
Picking the right monitor does not require you to be highly tech-savvy but you must be aware of the
technical specs that differentiate one type of monitor from the other. It is always best to speak to an
expert, if in doubt, and choose the right platform online to pick a reliable monitor.
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