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Species on the brink assignment (Ecology)

Species Lost, Species on the Brink, and Conservation Success Stories
Each of you will give a 3-5 min presentation on an animal that is either extinct, currently
threatened or endangered, or previously threatened or endangered. In your presentation, please
address the following:
1. Describe the species.
2. What is the species’ IUCN red list status? Refer to the categories below:
3. If vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, extinct in the wild, or extinct, when was
it listed as such?
4. If the species is not extinct, is its population increasing, declining, or stable?
5. What are the factors leading to extinction or population decline?
6. Are there particular characteristics of this species that make/made it vulnerable to the
threats mentioned in response to #4 above? For example, is/was it endemic to a small
geographic area? Is/was it a specialist, requiring very particular resources for its
survival? Consider other characteristics of its morphology or life history that might put it
at special risk.
7. If not extinct, what conservation measures are being taken to protect it from extinction?
8. Is your species an example of a conservation success story?