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Professor’s name: er. Vinay prakash
Submitted by:
Apurva singh
19btft014 (semester 2 nd)
I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to
my professor “Er.VinayPrakash” for giving me the
opportunity to make this project on the wonderful
topic “boiler mounting and one accessories”. This
helped me in doing a lot of research work and I came
to know about many things.
BOILER MOUNTINGS are the components generally
mounted on the surface ofthe boiler to have safety during
operation. These are the essential parts of the boiler,
without whichthe boiler operation is not possible.
The following are the important mountings of the boiler:
 Water level indicator
 Safety valve
Pressure gauge
Steam stop valve
Feed check valve
Main hole
 It is a mechanical device used to safeguard the boiler, in case the pressure
inside the boiler rises above its normal working atmosphere.
 The main function of a safety valve is to relieve pressure. It is located on the
boiler steam drum, and will automatically open when the pressure of the inlet
side of the valve increases past the preset pressure.
 There are three main parts to the safety valve: nozzle, disc, and spring.
Pressurized steam enters the valve through the nozzle and is then threaded to
the boiler. The disc is the lid to the nozzle, which opens or closes depending on
the pressure coming from the boiler. The spring is the pressure controller.
As a boiler starts to over pressure, the nozzle will start to receive a higher
pressure coming from the inlet side of the valve, and will start to sound like it is
simmering. When the pressure becomes higher than the predetermined
pressure of the spring, the disc will start to lift and release the steam, creating a
“pop” sound. After it has released and the steam and pressure drops below the
set pressure of the valve, the spring will close the disc. Once the safety valve has
popped, it is important to check the valve to make sure it is not damaged and is
working properly
 These are those devices which are installed with a boiler
and its neighbouring area to increase the efficiency of the
boiler. These are not the essential part of the boiler and
thus without installing these devices, the boiler operation
can be accomplished though at a lower efficiency.
The following are the important accessories of the boiler
Feed water pump Injector
Pressure reducing valve
Economiser Air pre heater
Super heater
Steam drier or separator Steam trap
 Boiler feed pumps are also referred to as feed
pumps and designed as multistage radial
flow pumps. They serve to feed a steam generator
such as a boiler or a nuclear reactor with a quantity
of feed water corresponding to the quantity of steam
Diagram of feed water pump in boiler:
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