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Written Test for drivers permit-army

Soldiers Name:
1. What does PMCS stand for?
2. What chapter in the Technical Manual (TM or -10) covers operator level PMCS?
3. It is ok to PMCS in any order you want, as long as you do all the steps. True or False?
4. Before the horn will operate on a HMMWV, the light switch must be in the STOPLIGHT
or SERVICE DRIVE position. True or False?
5. The coolant temperature gauge indicates a normal engine temperature of 230 to 250
degrees Fahrenheit?
6. What is one way to avoid an accident while driving?
7. On a 5988, what do these signs mean:
X--/-Circle X—
8. Do you walk in front of a vehicle while ground guiding?
9. Hand and __________ signals are the basic method used for ground guiding?
10. When hooking up a trailer to any vehicle, do you cross the chains underneath or leave
them parallel?