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Sample ARMY Commanders Interview

Commander’s Interview
I am going to ask you a number of questions about yourself and your driving experience.
Answer as accurately as you can. Answers dealing with records of accidents and
violations will be checked against official records, so be honest. Your answers will help is
assigning you appropriate driving responsibilities.
Driver is fully qualified as a driver.
Driver is disqualified as a driver.
1. How old are you?
2. How many years of civilian schooling have you completed?
3. Have you had any previous military driving experience?
4. What types of vehicles have you been licensed on?
5. What types of conditions have you operated those military vehicles under?
6. Which of those vehicle types are you experienced with pulling a trailer?
7. How much experience have you had driving a passenger car?
8. How many miles did you drive in the 12 months before entering the Army?
9. How much experience have you operating a 1-1/4 ton truck or larger?
10. Have you ever been licensed on a bus?
11. Have you ever been licensed on a tractor-trailer combination?
12. How many accidents have you had in which someone was injured or in
which the property damage exceeded $25.00 (civilian or military)?
13. How many times have you been cited for a moving traffic violation in the
previous two years?
14. How do you account for your (good/poor) driving record?
15. What do you think is the major cause of traffic accidents?
16. What do you think should be done to reduce the number of traffic accidents?
17. Have you any personal objection to becoming a military motor vehicle
18. Why do you think you will make a good military driver?
19. How would you describe your current physical condition as it relates to your
ability to drive safely under all conditions?
20. Do you wear glasses? Do you need to wear them when you drive?
21. Have you ever had difficulty seeing clearly or at night?
22. Have you ever had any difficulty hearing? How would you describe you
hearing now?
23. Do you know of any physical problems that may affect your ability to drive
under all conditions?
24. Do you have any experience in automotive mechanics or related work?
25. Have you ever driven any vehicles using night vision devices (NVD)?
26. What type of vehicles?
27. How much experience have you had driving using NVDs?
28. Remarks.