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The beautiful mind

The beautiful mind (soul) only finds pleasure (happiness) in unconditional love (heart).
The heart (unconditional love) likewise only finds happiness (pleasure) in the soul (beautiful mind).
Diligence is required to join the two together as one. The mind does most of the work, while the heart
mainly just waits patiently.
Love being divine, quite naturally and effortlessly transcends worldly diversions, while the soul has
to put forth real effort into reaching that state of purity, peace, and happiness (pleasure).
1. Seeds - Birth and childhood. Logically sorting things out mentally. Ant is the teacher or parent.
2. Golden fleece - Youth. Reckless adventure, meeting challenges. The reed is intuition or
subconscious. This is about the age when many people first become aware of their subconscious
3. Pure spring water - Spiritual development, usually occurs in mature adulthood.
4. Intoxication - The soul encounters death, and falls asleep, as if drunk on some sweet elixer. No
more pain or feeling of any kind. A lifetime of striving now ceased.
But unconditional love dwelling in the heart serves to help the mind / soul to transcend and gain
victory over death. They enter paradise together. Happily ever after.