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Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) 5.10 Exam
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Exact Questions
Nutanix - NCP-5.10
Exam Topic Breakdown
Exam Topic
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Topic 2 : Extra Questions
Topic 1 : Main Questions
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Exact Questions
Nutanix - NCP-5.10
Topic 2, Extra Questions
Question #:1 - (Exam Topic 2)
what disk formats are supported by the image service?
A. vhd,raw,vmdk,vdi,iso,qcow2
B. qcow2,vdi,raw,udf,iso
C. raw,ova,vmdk,qcow2,vdi
D. vmdk,qcow2,vdi,ovf,raw
Answer: A
Question #:2 - (Exam Topic 2)
A Nutanix administrator needs to replace a self-signed SSL certificate with a CA generated certificate in
Which three files are required to install the CA generated certificate in Prism? (Choose three)
A. CA Certificate or Chain (ca_chain_certs.cer)
B. Public Certificate (PublicCert.ker)
C. Certificate Signing Request (server.csr)
D. Private Server Key (private_server.key)
E. Public Server Key (public_server.key)
Answer: A C D
Question #:3 - (Exam Topic 2)
What command places a host in maintenance mode in AHV?
A. acli maintenance_mode.host host_id
B. acli host.enter_maintenance_mode host_id
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Exact Questions
Nutanix - NCP-5.10
C. ncli maintenance_mode host=host_id
D. ncli host maintenance host_id
Answer: B
Question #:4 - (Exam Topic 2)
what is the fault tolerance related to RF3?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Answer: C
Question #:5 - (Exam Topic 2)
which feature are only available in prism central/pro and not prism element? (Choose two)
A. self-service with calm
B. flow
C. analyze dashboard
D. powershell cmdlets downloads
Answer: A B
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Exact Questions
Nutanix - NCP-5.10
Topic 1, Main Questions
Question #:6 - (Exam Topic 1)
Refer to the exhibit.
An administrator increases the cluster RF to 3. The containers are not modified.
What will the new values in the data resiliency dashboard be for FAILURES TOLERABLE for the Zookeeper
and Extent Groups components?
A. Zookeeper - 1 and Extent Groups = 1
B. Zookeeper = 1 and Extent Groups = 2
C. Zookeeper s 2 and Extant Groups = 2
D. Zookeeper = 2 and Extent Groups = 1
Answer: D
Question #:7 - (Exam Topic 1)
An administrator is adding a node with a higher AOS release to an existing cluster.
What is the most efficient action an administrator should take to ensure it is in a supported state?
A. Destroy cluster and foundation with the new node in place
B. Add the node to the cluster and leave the existing AOS version in place
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Exact Questions
Nutanix - NCP-5.10
C. Perform standalone reimage of the new node and then add to cluster
D. Add the node to the cluster and reboot all running VMs to use new release
Answer: C
Question #:8 - (Exam Topic 1)
Refer to the exhibit.
System Non-Root Partition Usage shows a warning or critical alert The administrator needs to change the
frequency of checks and alerts to respond more quickly.
Where in Prism Element should the administrator change the frequency of checks and alerts?
A. Health Dashboard > Manage Crocks > Frequency
B. Alerts Dashboard > Manage Checks > Schedule
C. Health Dashboard > Manage Checks > Schedule
D. Alerts Dashboard > Manage Checks > Frequency
Answer: D
Question #:9 - (Exam Topic 1)
What is Prism Central primarily used for?
A. Multi-cluster network configuration
B. Container creation
C. Multi-cluster Single Sign On
D. Data reduction configuration
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Exact Questions
Nutanix - NCP-5.10
Answer: C
Question #:10 - (Exam Topic 1)
The customer is seeing high memory utilization on a mission critical VM. Users report that the application is
unavailable. The guest OS does not support hot add components.
How should the administrator fix this issue?
A. Access the CVM on the host that is running the VM:
*Open acli
*Run a command to increase the amount of RAM assigned to the VM
B. From the Prism web console:
*Go to the VM dashboard
*Select the VM from the VMs list
*Choose Update
*Adjust the amount of memory assigned to the VM
C. Go to Control Panel in the VM:
*Select the Computer Properties
*Increase the amount of RAM assigned
D. During the next maintenance window:
*Select the VM from the VMs list
*Perform a graceful shutdown
Answer: D
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