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rofits to build five schools and upgraded 23 other schools, built a bridge, and created 36
potable water projec In conclusion, over the years, capitalism has grown in size and become a
vital topic of debate. While capitalism has certainly had its enemies from as far back as the
industrial era, in recent times, especially as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, it has become an
even more pressing issue. My literature review of capitalism has sought to explain the different
topics of debate, from inequality and exploitation, to contemporary solutions that obviate the
negative problems. From the advantages to the disadvantages of capitalism, I have explained
through the aforementioned evidence, the overwhelming ills of capitalism that exist in our
ared to non-fair-tves of people who work in the contemporary capitalist system (BonnanWhite, Hightower & Issa, 2013, pg. 337-340).